Trousers, skirts and jumpers can of course be purchased from other retailers and supermarkets. Schools are acutely aware of the difficulties that we are all facing at the moment surrounding the purchase of clothing and when these restrictions are going to ease is as yet unknown. Please do not worry unduly about purchasing uniform at this stage as Linlithgow Academy will provide your child with a shirt and trousers/skirt. Let the office know the size by age your child would require.  One thing you can do is apply for any clothing grant that you think you might be eligible for.

School ties are blazers are not yet available to order however we will update you when we have anymore information.  In the meantime why don't you practice  How to Tie a Tie (PDF) [200KB] (opens new window)

Transition Days

Our close link with the high school has meant that our current Primary 7s have enjoyed a number of transition activities already, either attending the high school itself or high school staff coming to Bridgend. The Primary 7 teachers have also been preparing their pupils for transition since August of last year. We are in discussion with Linlithgow Academy to see what else we can provide to our Primary 7 pupils and here is what we know so far. 

Linlithgow Academy will be allocating every pupil to one of their three houses and will be adding them to their new House Team (Watt, Bell, Kelvin). Each House Team will meet with their new Head of House as well as other key staff at regular points during this term. During this time they will participate in a range of activities focused around their transition to high school.

Enhanced Transition

Enhanced transition days have already taken place for our pupils in that they attended on several occasions and had an opportunity for a tour of the school and to meet up with other pupils who will be started the Academy with them.  Be rest assured, that our pupils will continue to be supported when they start at the Academy.

What class will my child be in? Do they get to stay with friends?

We'll be in touch with pupils regarding this. We liaise with Linlithgow Academy to ensure that our pupils have at least one friend in their general core classes. 


Linlithgow Academy operates a contactless cash system for lunches. Money needs to be preloaded onto your child's Ipayaccount in order for them to access lunches. If you have in the past been eligible for Free School Meals you will need to apply again for the new term, it is the same online form that is used for the clothing grant. Breakfast is also free to those entitled to free school meals. Secondary Schools pupils entitled to free school meals will have a breakfast provision allowance included on their National Entitlement Card (NEC)/Young Scot Card. All other secondary pupils can purchase the same breakfast for a small cost. 


Camp was unfortunately cut short. The decision to bring the Primary 6/7 children back from school camp was not taken by the school and was not a decision that was taken lightly. Any refunds that are due have been escalated beyond school level now and we will be in touch in due course regarding this.