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Primary 7

Welcome to Primary 7 at Bridgend Primary School. We will regularly update our webpage so you can keep up to date with all the fantastic learning going on in our class.

January 2019

Primary 7 have been extremely busy since coming back after the Christmas holidays!

We have been learning about electricity in Science. We have been learning how to make circuits with wires, motors, bulbs and batteries. Then we used our knowledge make a game and we shared what we had learnt with others.

We have also been developing our French. We have learnt how to order our lunch in French and have been practising this every morning. We have also been revising and extending our knowledge of numbers up to 69 by listening to songs and playing games like bingo and 'onze'.

In numeracy, we have been learning about the four operations (division, subtraction, multiplication and addition) and have been learning lots of vocabulary to help us to solve complicated word problems. We have also been learning about percentages, decimals and fractions. This week we have been exploring equivalent fractions like one half, two quarters and four eighths.

We have been learning about how to punctuate speech. We learnt where to put a comma within speech and have been trying to up-level the word 'said'.

In PE, we have been developing our skills within Hockey, like the Indian Dribble and push passing. We have been using these skills when playing games.

We have been learning about disabilities. We've learnt that you can be born with a disability or that you can develop a disability. We had two special visitors to our class, both with physical disabilities. Some of us were really shocked and impressed to find out that Ben and Sammi were Olympic athletes!! This made us realise that disabilities don't hold people back.

We were very excited to learn that we will be putting on a show at the Howden Park Centre in March: Ali Baba & The Bongo Bandits. We had to audition for different characters and we have been working hard to learn our lines and take on our characters' roles. We've also been helping to create props and scenery for our performance.


Written by P7

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